Casino Instant Play

Eclipse Casino knows that in the early days of online gambling it was necessary for bettors to download bulky software with large-sized files using a dial-up connection; some even required each individual game to be downloaded to a user’s desktop computer. Back then, hard drive space was a major concern as dedicated storage in PCs was limited and expensive to expand. The most committed players would allow themselves a few favorites or would spend vast amounts of time creating space on their hard drives by deleting other files. High-speed internet and the inclusion of instant play at online casinos made this unnecessary, and although hard drive space in personal computers is no longer at a premium, there are other reasons instant play can still be the best choice.

Keeping things Private Online

Online privacy is large factor in today’s fully connected online world; it has become necessary to take steps to ensure that information on a PC or other devices remains private to the user. Eclipse and other casinos offer instant play as a means of protecting a player’s private information and browsing history from prying eyes. Whether it is a shared computer in the home or the possibility of hackers gaining information, online privacy is a major concern to all online casino users. Instant play gaming eradicates the need for extraneous programs that can be seen or hacked by others. With instant play, a wipe of browser history after a gaming session is all that is needed to keep gaming private for every user.

Saving Space on Mobile Devices

While computers boast plenty of storage space, tablets and smart phones do not have the same luxury; many of today’s mobile devices have expandable memory but it can still be a limited resource for some. Instant play at Eclipse Casino only requires very little or no space on such devices, saving storage for contact information, photos and other documents. Instant gaming also protects against fraud if a tablet or phone is lost or stolen as long as the user does not save the password to their Eclipse account saved to their device.

Multiple Reasons to Use Instant Play

While some players prefer to use the download method for online gambling, more and more are switching to instant play. Instant play also works well for those who play on more than one PC or device, and the expansive mobile options at Eclipse Casino allow each gambler to take their gaming everywhere. Instant Play saves storage space on devices, keeps personal information safe from others and allows for easy play over several systems and devices. Instant and mobile casino gaming is the future, and the future is happening now.