While online casinos are largely self-service, the occasional banking or technical issue does occur, creating a situation where players need to contact the professionals to resolve their problems. When this happens at Eclipse Casino, the customer service team is available to provide gamblers with the answers that they want when they need them the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the player support staff is always happy to respond to the questions of players, many concerns are addressed on the “Frequently Asked Questions” page on the casino’s website. From basic banking questions, technical concerns and information on promotional requirements, this is an excellent resource that gamblers are likely to view often.

Contacting Customer Service

Ensuring that players can reach a customer service representative is an important part of providing a quality experience to every gamer, and Eclipse Casino is committed to doing it well. In fact, there are several options for reaching the support team; this is a great way to make sure that players can contact the casino in the fashion that makes them the most comfortable.

  • Live Chat: Gamers who are experiencing problems that they wish to resolve immediately may find that contacting the player support staff via live chat is the most efficient way to handle their issues. Typically available around the clock, live chat features usually require little wait time; players will want to make sure that they have their account number and other identifying information available, however.
  • Telephone: Regardless of the reasons that a player chooses to call the Eclipse Casino customer service rather than contacting them online, the option is available. Again, having quick access to account information is likely to speed up the process, and because Eclipse is dedicated to offering each player an all-around satisfactory experience, customer service representatives strive to minimize wait times.
  • Email: Players who are not particularly pressed for time may prefer to email the casino with their questions or concerns. It is vital for gamers to add Eclipse Casino to their contacts to ensure that they receive the return emails from the casino. While email may take somewhat longer than the other methods mentioned here, the customer support staff will work hard to respond in a timely fashion.

Casino Entertainment Has Never Been More Accessible

With so many resources available to acquire the answers that they are looking for, players at Eclipse Casino will find that their user experience is one of quality gaming, service and entertainment. Head to Eclipse to get started today, and never worry that your concerns will go unaddressed.