Almighty Dollar Slots

Developer Rival has been a big player in creating online slot games from the beginning of online slot play and has had a hand in creating some of the best titles in online betting; unfortunately, Almighty Dollar Slots is not one of them. That said, Almighty Dollar is not a bad game per se, it is lacking something to make it stand out in an industry where the ability to stand out from its competitors in a business where the ability to stand out from the crowd can determine the success or failure of a new title very quickly. Almighty Dollar Slots has only three reels, giving it yet another strike against it with some bettors but should under no circumstances be considered an out. This title is intriguing with two bonus features that are rarely seen.

I can see Heaven

Almighty Dollar Slots uses a heaven theme that is colored mostly in white and yellows, giving it a bright look. This 3-reel game has very basic graphics that don’t do this slot any favors but looks good enough to not detract from the gaming experience and make players immediately look for a new slot to play.

Maximum Coins the Best Strategy

A quick glimpse of this game is all that is needed to recognize the advantages it has over most 3-reel titles. Flive playable paylines offer flexibility , as does the ability to wager one, two or three coins on each of the five paylines. Coin sizes vary from $0.01 to $5 and when all five paylines are wagered with the maximum coins and the $5 coin is used, the slot has a max wager of $75.

Dual Bonus Features

Not very many 3-reel slots offer a bonus feature but Almighty Dollar boasts two bonus features. The wilds in this title come with a 3X multiplier on any wins that they help to complete a winning payline. When two or three free spins symbols land on the reels, a bettor is awarded seven free spins for two icons and 21 free games when three land on the reels. The 3X wilds can be found on the reels during free games and the free spins feature can be retriggered,

A Bit of Something Different

While the graphics are lacking for a modern game, Almighty Dollar Slots does have something to offer that most traditional 3-reel slots often lack with a free spins scatter and a wold with a multiplier on all spins. With the exception of the bonus features however, Almighty Dollar feels more like the collection plate than a gift from above.