Goldenman Slots

Marvel Comics rarely allows the use of their trademarked characters for use in creating slot titles, making the Rival release of a slot based on a minor character like Goldenman exciting. Goldenman Slots is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot that features two bonus games that make great use of the little-known comic book character and his animated story. While the creation of a slot based on a Marvel comic is exciting, the use of a rarely seen character and the restrictive nature of the betting system take a bit of shine off the initial reveal.

Comic Book Colors Catch the Eye

It seems that comic book heroes and villains would make for incredible slot titles graphically speaking, and they have the few times they have been made and Goldenman Slots is no different. The symbols on the reels bring the characters and items of the Goldenman universe come to life and the animations transfers spectacularly. The lower paying symbols include the artillery, chest plate, science and missile symbols, while the higher paying icons include Goldenman in a defensive pose, Fools Gold, Golden Bars, Lisa Lodi and Goldenman’s facepalm inducing secret identity, Tim Karat.The Goldenman Mask is the wild symbol and can replace all of the previously mentioned symbols but not the Coldenman Palm or the Flying Goldman icons that trigger the two bonus games of the title.

Betting System too Restrictive for Many

Bettors playing Goldenman Slots have the opportunity to wager up to 10 coins for each of the slot’s 20 paylines and while this does help, the lack of larger coin sizes used by the game still make this a difficult pill to swallow for big bettors. The only coin sizes available are $0.01, $0.05 and $0.10; even with 20 paylines and the 10 coins wagered per payline this still results in a maximum single spin bet of $10.

Defeating the Enemy in the Bonus Round

The Goldenman Mask symbol is the wild and can be used to replace the previously mentioned symbols, it can replace the bonus symbols of the Flying Goldenman or the Goldenman Palm insignia. The palm insignia triggers the free spins bonus round that awards 15 free games with a 2X that can be retriggered and any game that may give 15 free games for three scatter icons is a game worth looking into inferior betting system or no. The Flying Goldenman is the symbol that triggers one of what some call the best bonus games in online casinos. The bettor navigates our intrepid hero through the skies that have suddenly become the home of three jet planes that would like nothing more than to rid the world of Goldenman once and for all. Players only get three chances to bring the planes down and receive a cash prize for each of the jets that the player can destroy.

A Better Known Character Could Make this Really Work

The lack of popularity for the title character and the tightly controlled betting system make Goldenman Slots a tough sell and that is unfortunate because most of everything else in this game is a win. An identical setup with just a couple of larger coin sizes, a progressive jackpot and a popular Marvel character like one of the X-men or Spiderman and this slot may have been a game changer in the running for multiple industry awards. As it is, it's an interesting option for penny players and those with a deeper knowledge of the Marvel universe than the top heroes and villains.