Major Moolah Slots

Slot developer, Rival, has been creating and releasing more titles than ever and players are being drawn to the three reel slot machines, including Major Moolah Slots, as they realize that big wins can come in small packages. Players are beginning to realize that some of the smaller machines give players a better chance at a top payday that may not be as big as some but are often more likely to show up on the reels during a slot session. Some players also do not like the complexity of slot games with five, six and more reels and prefer to spend online casino time playing games that they enjoy.

Traditional Symbols

Major Moolah Slots has the appearance of a more traditional slot with stars and bars; the game looks like something from the early days of Las Vegas with the exception of the blue and gold Major Moolah symbols that signal the progressive jackpot when the maximum amount is bet. The sevens and bars are done in red, white and blue; a gold coin adds another little twist that makes the game look a bit more modern. The single payline may be a little too traditional for some, but the opportunity to win a large sum of money on a game with only three reels is something that should be taken into account.

Playing for the Progressive

While the symbols and the three reels seem more traditional, betting on this game may be seen by some as downright archaic. With a single coin size of $1.00 and the ability to play only one, two or three coins per spin make this game one of the most restrictive games available for online wagering, it still offers a significant amount of prize potential. The maximum three coins must be played to be eligible for the progressive jackpot; penny players may want to reconsider their strategy and play this title regardless; the opportunity for a progressive jackpot at a low cost is a great opportunity for a big payday.

Just Simple Gambling

As with most 3-reel games back in the early days of slot play, Major Moolah Slots does not boast any type of scatter or bonus game. The opportunity for a profitable session still exists for players who choose to play, as Major Moolah does have one modern feature: its progressive jackpot. The odds for hitting a progressive are usually better than that of games with five reels. From a statistical standpoint, titles like Major Moolah are more likely to hit big and that should be taken into consideration when making a decision about playing this game. Some players actually prefer games with fewer reels and all the extras that today's slots boast; they often seem to have too much happening on the screen, making them more confusing than enjoyable.

An Old Style with Modern Potential

It bears repeating again how the progressive jackpot affects the playability of Major Moolah Slots; this gives the slot a more modern look and feel in a game that could feel outdated without it. Many of today's players require extras in game play as they want to be entertained while making wagers online and while this is an completely acceptable way to gamble online, players should always consider going outside of their comfort zone to maximize winning potential. A player that spins the reels hoping to be entertained may not play long if there is little chance of winning, and winning should be the first priority when playing slots online.