Milk the Cash Cow Slots

Online casino enthusiasts who are searching for the perfect opportunity to cash in on the fun of a classic slot will love the traditional entertainment on the reels in Milk the Cash Cow. With only three reels and a single payline, this is one game that definitely hearkens to the early days of casino slot play. Created by Rival and loved by gamblers everywhere, Milk the Cash Cow is a fun, whimsical title that truly entertains.

Betting Guidelines

Gamers playing Milk the Cash Cow for real money will need to know how to place a wager in the game, and doing so is simple. Players need not struggle with determining the best coin size for their budget because Milk the Cash Cow's coin size is $1.00; while this coin size cannot be altered, gamblers do have the opportunity to select one, two or three coins per spin, which means that bets could reach as high as $3.00 per spin.

Graphics and Symbols

The reels in Milk the Cash Cow are set below the farmer's daughter, who is seen sitting next to massive piles and overflowing buckets of gold as she milks the cow on the farm. In the background, the rising sun suggests that gamblers can look forward to new beginnings when playing this game.

The symbols on the reels in Milk the Cash Cow include single, double and triple BAR icons, piles of money, buckets of gold and the lovely cow, which can be seen munching on a dollar bill. While there are not a wide range of symbols in the game, different combinations of the ones that are present can offer a wide range of wins on the reels.

Small Prizes and Serious Jackpots

Because players may choose to wager one, two or three coins in Milk the Cash Cow, they will also find three different prize levels to represent those bets. While invaluable symbols, like one or two piles of cash or a single BAR on the reels once, are worth small prizes that fall between one and nine coins, depending on the size of the bet, the title's more valuable icons are worth significantly more.

When the luckiest players land three cows on the game's single payline, they will score a jackpot of 2,000 or 4,000 coins for bets of one or two coins, respectively. However, those who took the risk and bet three coins on the game before landing three cow icons on the reels will score an unbelievable 10,000-coin jackpot. This is one great way to turn a fun, little slot into a huge payday.

Cash in on Milk the Cash Cow

If the idea of milking a real cow is unappealing to you, strive for your fortune on the reels in Milk the Cash Cow Slots. Get started today at your favorite Rival Casino for your chance to bet, play and hopefully even win.